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Elderberry immune boost, syrup kit.

Elderberry immune boost, syrup kit.

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Elderberry syrup kit:

Organic Elderberry Syrup Kit Blend🌱

Boost your immune system with this powerful blend of healing herbs.


-Organic Dried Elderberry

-Organic Orange Peel

-Organic Turmeric Root

-Organic Ginger Root

-Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Chips

-Organic Rose Hips

 This is my own immune boosting blend that not only contains elderberries, but multiple other herbs that are rich in vitamins & work as a powerhouse for your immune system. 

This kit + 1 cup of raw (preferably local to you) honey will make about 32oz of syrup. You will keep this syrup refrigerated & should consume it within 60 days as this blend contain zero added preservatives. 


This kit will be sent with directions on how to simmer and prepare your syrup.


You will need:


Raw honey (or sweetener if your choice)

32oz Jar

Cheese cloth for straining.



This recipe contains herbs that are considered safe for pregnancy however feel free to consult with your health professional prior to using. This recipe is not considered safe for children under the age of 1 years old IF you use honey as a sweetener.

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