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Middle Fork Roasters

Black Diesel Blend

Black Diesel Blend

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Black Diesel Blend

 Dark Roast,         100% Arabica Beans

A bold combination of Colombian and Guatemalan dark roasts, this blend has a rich, syrupy body and a pleasant peppery, spicy finish.  

The name says it all, this blend was developed and dedicated to honor Highway Heroes, the ones who make it happen day or night. Black Diesel Blend is not your typical self-serve coffee sold at gas stations, it packs torque and punch like no other, you wouldn't fill your rig with just any diesel! then why are you drinking just any coffee? Switch over to Black Diesel Blend and stay in the coffee hammer lane.

Disclaimer ( black diesel blend does not have any diesel added to coffee, it has a strong caffeine content and is considered dangerous if taken in large doses,  please drink responsibly.)

5Rubie's Black Diesel Blend was developed  and roasted  by Middle Fork Roasters in Seattle, Washington.





Grower: Asociación de Mujeres Cafeteras Plan Mil

Variety: Caturra, Castillo, and Typica

Region: Balcón del Cesar, Cesar, Colombia

Harvest: September- January

Altitude: 1520 - 1680 

Process: Fully washed and dried inside solar dryers that provide protection from the rain

Certifications: Organic

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