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Heritage roosters meat

Heritage roosters meat

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Please read carefully! This deposit is for a ( 1 carcass)

This is a deposit for a heritage roosters carcass  that will be dispatched on June 6th 2024

The price per pound of hanging weight is $7 

This deposit secures your 1 carcass. The final price will be determined on the day of dispatch.

Please be sure that you fill out your information correctly.

We will contact you with final information within 48 hours of deposit purchase.

Average weight is from 3 to 9 lbs

Our heritage roosters are pasture raised and fed organic non GMO grain for entire 12 months of growth.

Heritage chickens have much less breast meat and longer legs, but a much deeper flavor because they are older and have more time to develop flavor. Heritage chickens (or young roosters) are popular with our customers that grew up in another country. It’s what they ate in the villages where they grew up. 



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