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June freezer, roaster lamb

June freezer, roaster lamb

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Please read carefully! This deposit is for a ( 1 lamb carcass)


This is a deposit for a doorper lamb carcass  that will be dispatched on June 9th 2024


The price per pound of hanging weight is $5.50 


Cut and wrap fee is $1.00 per pound


This deposit secures 1 full carcass, the final price will be determined on the day of dispatch.


Please be sure that you fill out your information correctly.


We will contact you with final information within 48 hours of deposit purchase.


 Carcass can weight anywhere from 65-110 lbs


Example 65 lbs x $5.50per lb =$357.50total minus $100 deposit ,



Our lambs are fed grass and organic non GMO grain for the entire 8 months of growth.


 Dorper sheep are bred for meat, not wool, so they do not produce lanolin which gives wool lamb it's gamey flavor. Mild, prime tasting, delicate and delicious meat! Often called the Angus of Sheep, Dorper Lamb is a high-quality lean meat that's loaded with more good for you nutrients than any other meat.

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